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    Neji Gangmura suddenly stood up and said loudly: "I can't wait, there's no more time! We're not the only ones keeping an eye on the oil there! Not long after a 100-ton well was drilled in Ansai County, United States Countries left Chongqing and went straight to Yan'an. Negotiation, using a large number of large transport aircraft to exchange for aviation fuel! Sir, you should know that the aircraft force The United States has so far not conducted strategic bombing against Japan. That is not because they are not strong enough, but because they do not have a reliable base! that the empire has worked hard to manage. in the Pacific will lose its significance! The importance of these oil fields is something America cannot ignore. Just think, with the strength and tenacity of the Chinese Communist Army, along with strong support from the United States air force, do we still have any hope of success in the attack on the Ordos basin?"

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