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    Now a painting dances with the water waves on the surface of the well, as if returning to the past.

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    The ancient well had no ripples, the full moon reflected his tear-stained face.

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    "I really don't know what money is." Lang Lang Nha shrugged and answered honestly. He was pushed away by A Phuc, gradually approached the door, turned and left.

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    c, are not the same as mortals." Truong Ninh shook his head and said. "Hmm, sophistry." Yen Tu Van coldly smiled non-stop, her eyebrows were full of resentment, resentment, seemingly endless sorrow. Zhang Ning looked at this cousin, although the two did not have much contact, Zhang Ning knew about it. The brother they are not satisfied with the current situation. Simply put, Yan Ziyun is a canary, and the cage is Zhao Song Fuguo. Although she looks gorgeous and is the top beauty in the world, on in reality, everything is not as Yan Ziyun wishes. Yan Ziyun sees outsiders as dignified and graceful, but sees Zhang Ning as a crazy woman. Crazy women should be by nature, crazy and insane, very similar to children in the world. Yan Ziyun once asked Zhang Ning to take care of her, but Zhang Ning ignored her. Because Truong Ninh's mother did not pass this matter on, perhaps her mother did not want Truong Ninh to shoulder the burden This is heavy. Furthermore, destroying a dynasty and establishing a dynasty is too cumbersome and boring. Even if the emperor asked Zhang Ning to do it, Zhang Ning would not do it. Yan Ziyun cursed his irresponsible ancestor Emperor Longwu for a moment, then suddenly knelt down, raised his buttocks, placed his hands gently on the ground, and said respectfully: "Cousin, help me."

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    If you fight alone, no one is Wang Shi's opponent, only by uniting can you defeat the enemy and win. The four of them all have dignified positions, think of themselves as noble, and are also arrogant, which shouldn't be like that, but this time they came from far away, the matter was important, under pressure. era, they had to swallow their pride and choose temporary cooperation.

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    Everyone thought that the teenager would instantly turn around in fear and run away, or that he would die in the blink of an eye, bleeding from the head.

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    Zhang Ning saw something. Ly Tu Khong was not surprised. He had been watching it since he was young. Recently, he had been really disruptive, to the point of forgetting to instruct the servants to entertain Truong Ninh. Li Xiukong sighed and said: "A friend of mine has been wiped out. I am investigating who the enemy is." Speaking of this, Li Xiukong sighed even more and said: "My friend is a good person, and he's very famous. Okay, I really can't understand who would be so cruel as to destroy his family." Zhang Ning understood, but didn't comment much on the matter. Instead, he just said: "Life is impermanent, even if you are clever with your words, you still don't know where you have offended others, and you will encounter unpredictable disasters. Especially for us, the road is long." "Life is inherently unchangeable". . One pill, one method, one treasure, one can die for no reason." After that, the two of them did not discuss this matter anymore. For Ly Tu Khong, this matter is his business, Truong Ninh does not need it. worried. Zhang Ning also doesn't want to meddle in other people's affairs. On the contrary, if Li Xiukong encounters any trouble, Zhang Ning will solve it. In short, Li Xiukong is not a bad person. From this issue , we can also see a thing or two. When a friend passes away, it is normal to help with funeral arrangements. Being able to make up your mind to find the culprit is loyalty. Zhang Ning appreciate those who show loyalty. Li Xiukong entertained Zhang Ning very well, sent someone to organize a banquet, and sent his wife and children to meet Zhang Ning. That night, Li Xiukong also arranged a beautiful woman for Zhang Ning, but Zhang Ning refused. Although all the women in the palace were extremely beautiful. But Zhang Ningzhi was not here. During the next three days, Li Xiukong took Zhang Ning to play in Shendu city, there were party the most, see the most beautiful brothel girls, attend poetry gatherings, and meet many of the powerful children of the Tianyuan Kingdom. Played very well. Although he was really happy, Zhang Ningzhi was not here. After playing for three days, Zhang Ning planned to leave. On this day, the moon is bright and the stars shine brightly. Many places in Shendu city were bustling with noise and whispers. Li Xiukong and Zhang Ning returned to Prince E's Mansion together in a carriage. The carriages of the current E Dynasty are of course extremely sophisticated. The cart was not a horse, but a one-horned cow. This cow was very docile, but the breath from its mouth and nose would occasionally catch fire. The carriage is very spacious and has four maids serving it. On the table were some fruits, Truong Ninh and Ly Tu Khong sat facing each other. Li Xiukong reeked of alcohol, but he was not drunk, on the contrary he was very excited. Ly Tu Khong picked up a piece of watermelon, ate and said: "Brother Truong, I really can't figure it out, you're not a monk, why don't you come close to the beauty." It's not a talent, it doesn't last long, in the end it's just bones." Truong Ninh smiled and said. Pausing for a moment, he continued: "Even if you have talent, you can live forever, without love. The years are long, sooner or later we have to separate, so we only care about the women I have feelings for." Who in this world doesn't have love, the person next to them is either old Vuong or old Ly, I don't want long-term, I only want short-lived happiness." Ly Tu Khong shook his head and said. There was one thing he didn't say. What a long time. If you don't become a fairy, it will be nothing. Fairies are as rare as phoenixes, for Ly Tu Khong, Nguyen Anh is not difficult, but becoming a fairy is as difficult as up to heaven. Farting for a long time, I just want to enjoy my sensuality while I'm alive. Truong Ninh shook his head, as the saying goes, different religions do not conspire. Regarding emotional issues, two people cannot urinate together a pot. This topic seemed profound, but in reality it was nothing more than idle talk. Just then, the carriage stopped. The palace should have arrived. Ly Tu Khong first revealed curtain of the carriage, stepped down from the carriage. But half of his body fell out of the carriage, Truong Ninh frowned. Then, the Wanbaofan on his head turned into a yellow cloth, covering Li Xiukong's entire body. “Phew!” At this moment, a silver needle directly hit, extremely fast speed but without breath, truly a killer move. The silver needle passed through Van Bao Pham, but did not penetrate Van Bao Pham, it fell on the ground. turned into a cloud of white smoke and disappeared without a trace. "Someone assassinated the master." “Someone assassinated the owner.” The guards were in chaos in an instant, then surrounded the carriage. And Zhang Ning drove the Wanbaofan and pulled Li Xiukong back to the carriage. Because Li Xiukong once said, this carriage was originally an extremely strong treasure. tried, there was strong resistance. After pulling Li Xiukong back to the carriage, Zhang Ning took back Wan Baofan. Li Xiukong frowned, did not thank him first, but took out a jade pendant from his belt and crushed it. No After a while, all the ministers were panicked. After all, except for Wang E, Li Xiukong was also the fifth prince of the Tianyuan Emperor, and his status followed. The light above the gods was brilliant, and many golden pills, The newborn soul came to control the light to escape. The entire city of God's Capital also changed from ordinary, dense talismans appeared on the city, and the large magic array protected The city guard was opened, shining in the sky. The common people stayed at home, and a large number of soldiers and horses took to the streets to hunt for the assassin. Then, Zhang Ning and Li Xiukong entered the palace under the Yuanying's guard. After entering the villa, Zhang Ning was arranged by Li Xiukong to stay in the guest room, under the care of four beautiful maids. Despite her charming appearance, Zhang Ning still did not move like Liu Xiahui, just sat cross-legged on the bed, closing her eyes to meditate. The night passed, the rooster crowed and dawn broke. Ly Tu Khong personally went to Truong Ninh's room and the two sat down in the small hall outside the bedroom. Li Xiukong thanked him from the bottom of his heart and said: "If it weren't for Brother Zhang, I would have lost my soul, I wouldn't even have the chance to go to Yin Division to enjoy Yinshou." distant. But upon later investigation, it is a vicious thing that kills and kills souls, and it is extremely powerful. Even though Ly Tu Khong had treasures on his body, he could not stop him. On the contrary, Zhang Ning's seemingly normal Wanbaofan blocked the silver needle, which really made Li Xiuk uncurious. But Ly Tu Khong did not ask any more, because he knew Truong Ninh was a person with an extremely mysterious background, and it was not strange that he had treasures on his person. Since we're friends, there's no need to get to the bottom of it. Zhang Ning shook his head and said: "It's just a little effort, brother, don't worry about it." "Have you caught the assassin?" Zhang Ning immediately asked. "No. But there are some clues, I'm afraid it's related to my friend being destroyed, I'm very eager to investigate." Ly Tu Khong shook his head, frowned and said tiredly. Zhang Ning nodded, but he wasn't too concerned. He's not good at catching assassins. But this assassin is extremely powerful. He silently attacked Ly Tu Khong, then completely retreated. It must be known that this place is the capital of the gods, and the headquarters of the royal family of Tianyuan Kingdom. Assassinated the prince's son, but was unharmed. I don't know if the assassin was too powerful, or if the Ly family was too incompetent. After chatting for a bit, Zhang Ning asked seriously: "Is there any problem with your safety?" Li Xiukong was stunned for a moment, then understood and asked: "Brother Zhang, does he intend to leave Luochahai?" "I need to find out Master Zhishang's whereabouts." Zhang Ning nodded and said. "Brother Zhang is on his way, father gave me some treasures to protect myself, and also invited a Nguyen Heroic Spirit to help me. protect me, I will also reduce the number of times I leave the palace, so there is no need to worry about my safety." Li Xiukong also heard the words Don't try anymore, stood up and said. “Okay.” Truong Ninh nodded. Of course, I am very assured, it is reasonable to say that King Ly Tu Khong was not prepared to be assassinated. If he was prepared to be assassinated, the Yuan country would have perished that day. After that, Li Xiukong sent Zhang Ning to the door. And sent a Jindan riding the clouds and mist to take Zhang Ning out of Shendu. After leaving Shendu, Zhang Ning thanked the golden elixir, then sat on Niu Er, and with the help With Niu Er's support, he went to Luochahai. Breaking through the clouds and breaking through the mist, riding a buffalo to the west. Truong Ninh was dressed in white, sitting sideways on the back of an ox, the wind blowing his sleeves, his long hair flying, at this moment only missing a hair. Fanning the feathers. It was really a fairy. Niu Er was a pervert. After walking for a while, she continued to push forward, but she turned her head and said flatteringly: "Master , I'm hungry." In Shendu city, Zhang Ning bought a lot of food for Niu Er. Elixir. The cow thought about it. Niu Zhangning could still buy it so he didn't care about her. Hearing that, He took out ten pills and gave them to Niu Er. Niu Er rolled her tongue and ate the pill. Then, as if injected with chicken blood, he sped up. He happily said: "Master, look, I have the strength, Rakshahai sea will soon come." Truong Ninh just patted her head. Five days later, Rakshahai arrived. To be precise, it is just a gateway to the Raksha sea, this gateway is located in a valley, and this valley is very big. There is a small city in the valley, this city is very discreet. But there is at least one Newborn Soul sitting in town, and there is a strong guard formation. The Rakshasa Sea is truly a secret place attached to this world. Such secret realms are not uncommon in the Fengyue World, but Luochahai is different. Raksha Sea is extremely dangerous, except for a place called Raksha City, the rest are outlawed. Demons, great demons, Buddhists, Taoists, and many ordinary cultivators and sects are active in the Rakshasa sea. Rakshahai never refused anyone who came. In addition to the rule that you cannot fight in Raksha City, you can fight at will outside of Raksha City. Because of this nature, many people are hunted by other humans, or demons, large monsters that hide in Raksha City in order to survive. The jade-faced fox king considered Luochahai a safe base. The eminent monk who suppressed the dragon drove a demon into the Raksha sea, where he remained for many years. Then Buddha fell into the demons, and Master Zhishang, worried about that, chased him into the Rakshasa sea. Also because of the special Luochahai, this force is extremely special. Therefore, it is a gathering place for treasures from all over, and some things that are extremely difficult to sell elsewhere can be sold in Rakshahai. For example, Zhang Ning now has the complete bodies of the Qinglong King and the jade-faced fox king, erasing the demonic soul. In other places, even in Shendu, moving is extremely difficult, but in Luochahai, moving is possible. And in exchange for the treasure that Zhang Ning needed. Because of this, Zhang Ning agreed to come to find Master Zhishang's whereabouts. To enter Rakshasa City, one needs to have an asset of great value. After Zhang Ning delivered the goods, he began to wait. Because entering the teleportation formation in Rakshasa City requires a certain amount of energy. Opens once every three days. Three days later, Zhang Ning entered Rakshasa city with a group of people. After exiting the teleportation formation, Zhang Ning looked up at the sky, the sky was gray without any light. Terrible energies are raging in the sky and you must not fly too high. If it's too high and encounters violent energy, even the Primordial Soul will most likely die. Zhang Ning heard that this secret realm was originally a secret realm of a large sect, and the secret realm was filled with aura, very suitable for growing herbs, and was managed by the large sect as a base. After a great battle, this secret realm was broken. No matter how much it's been repaired, it's gone. Because the secret realm is filled with terrifying energy, some places even have terrifying wounds. These wounds are connected to the void. Once you enter the void, unless you are someone like Truong Ninh, it's basically over. However, there are many monsters born in Rakshahai, these monsters can come from the void, or they can come from another world. These monsters are endless, and they are more precious. For monks, killing these monsters is a good job. Additionally, in Rakshasa City, business is extremely brisk. In general, Raksha City and Raksha Sea are extremely famous locations in Fengyue World. Of course, it is also extremely dangerous, outside the city of Rakshasa you often encounter evil spirits and large monsters, they act recklessly and often kill and injure people. Activities in Rakshasa waters are also extremely expensive. Because Raksha City does not allow sleeping on the street, they can only stay in boarding houses. The boarding houses are all officially opened by Raksha City, and the prices are expensive. Additionally, entering Rakshasa City will require a lot of money. This Rakshasa city is really not a good place to live. Since Zhang Ning has come to this Raksha city, he will go to Raksha Hotel first. Because Bai Shujing once told Zhang Ning that after they arrived at Raksha City, they would stay at Raksha Inn. Zhang Ning is a polite person, since he came to Luochahai, he naturally wanted to meet Bai Shujing. But when Zhang Ning arrived at Raksha Inn, he asked Bai Shujing about it. I learned that Bai Shujing, Huo Shanming and others went out to the outer city to kill the Void Monster. For ordinary cultivators, coming to the city is not to spend, but to make money. Hearing this, Zhang Ning had no choice but to give up and leave a message in the inn. Then go towards Tianbao Pavilion. Thien Bao Communal House. It was a huge commercial force that had influence throughout the celestial world. Through their own channels, they obtained the special products of each world, then sold them to other worlds. Business is booming. In the intermediate world, there are very few worlds that Tianbao Pavilion cannot find. And in this Fengyue world, Tianbao Pavilion has also opened many stores. Among them, Luochahai is an extremely important store. Zhang Ning also heard that other business forces wanted to come to Luochahai to open stores and they needed to pay. However, when Tianbaoge went to Luochahai to open a store, it did not need to pay. free.Tianbao Pavilion is such an atmosphere.

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    “Eunuch Ly, sorry to bother you.” Even though he was the King of Tien Duong, Duong Dich still had to give the old eunuch the necessary respect. Noble families, families, and royal families are of course noble, but when the power of mortals reaches their peak, they are no less noble. The status of both sides is equal. "The King of Tien Tang said seriously, helping Great Qi is my duty." Eunuch Ly was on his deathbed, trembling and trembling, his words leaked out. Duong Dich nodded heavily. “It's a pity for the king, but do you know who the other person is?” Ly Cong Cong immediately asked back. "I don't know who the other person is, but I found out that the emperor wants to go from Hong Lau to meet Nhan Tu Van." Duong Dat's face looked a bit ugly and he snorted softly. The surrounding experts all bowed their heads, Queen Truong's face was red, Prince Duong Sinh and the other royal families were also a little embarrassed. “Dying under peonies is also romantic, the emperor chooses a beautiful woman to leave the country.” Ly Cong Cong sighed, a little regretful, but overall calm. This old eunuch was Zhang Baigong's grandfather. He is especially able to live, he is over 200 years old, there is no one left in his generation, and there are not many people of his generation left. Even his nephew Zhang Baigong died. The number of ups and downs he experienced in his life was countless. Up to this point, the topic has been a bit dull for a while. Crown Prince Duong Sinh couldn't help but say: "Uncle Hoang, what should we do next? Just wait here?" Yang Yi shook his head and said: "Da Qi has gone through many changes and has been extremely weakened. Your father, the emperor, was with Li Shifu, and he plotted against. Now only I, Eunuch Li, and the man at Ningguo's mansion are left behind." Context, if you wanted to attack, who would you send out? Furthermore, the person in Ningguo's mansion was loyal to Ningguo Li Yuanxiong. Li Yuanxiong was young and had just ascended to heaven. He will not leave Li Yuanxiong easily. If I and eunuch Li go out together. If they were ambushed to death, wouldn't Great Qi be destroyed? If they are not detected, they will divide their army and enter the capital of Qi. The capital of Qi will be in chaos, the descendants of the Yang family will be extinct, stay in Qi and don't move. If they come to the capital of Qi, we will block them outside the city. "The chaos will pass." Cong Ly who was next to him also nodded and said: Wei WuXian was trembling weakly. Not long after, Yang Qi's family, the meritorious family, Ning Guogong Li Yuanxiong and others all appeared. After everyone discussed, they decided to let Li Yuanxiong and Ning Guogong stay in the imperial city. If they found the other party's aura, Yang Yi and Li Gonggong would lead a large number of experts to fight. At this time, dark clouds obscured the moon, and the sound of the wind sounded like a drum. The sound of killing and war drums. The moment dark clouds obscured the moonlight, the faces of everyone present darkened. The atmosphere became more tense. It was really dark clouds that were pressing down on the city, and the city was about to be destroyed. At this time, Duong Dich and Ly Cong Cong raised their eyebrows, the two looked at each other, Duong Dich commanded in a deep voice: "Go." After that, Duong Dich and Cong Ly led a large number of people from Heaven to kill. When a large number of masters fought, the defense of the royal city was extremely empty. The only real top expert left was the one from the Duke of Ningguo's mansion. If a strong enemy came to attack Qidu, even the masters of the imperial city would not dare to leave the imperial city. The atmosphere became increasingly tense. Crown Prince Yang Sheng suddenly thought of someone, he glanced at Ning Guogong Li Yuanxiong, and thought of his son-in-law Shanyangbo Liu Huchen. "Mr. Ninh, I don't know who is in your house, are you willing to help?" Yang Sheng asked tentatively. The expressions of everyone still there changed, and then everyone remembered that there was an invincible Wuming in Qidu City. If this person can be rescued, then Daqi is naturally impenetrable. And maybe think about it. After all, the royal family had enough goodwill towards that person. Even though that person was not a daughter of the Liu family, they were childhood friends, like a glue. Li Huanqi, the third lady of the Li family, is also not normal. Now Li Yuanxiong controls the army and horses of the world, Liu Huchen's name is Shanyang Bo, and is also the emperor's grandson and the prince's son-in-law. In terms of relationship, the two sides are very close. The destruction of Da Qi will not benefit the other party. It's a pity that people don't know that Zhang Ning is still a descendant of Zhao Song, and he is the cousin of the crazy woman in the cage. Whoever wins or loses will not affect Truong Ninh's interests. Of course, Zhang Ning doesn't care about any benefits. Facing everyone's gaze, Li Yuanxiong calmly shook his head and said: "Brother Zhang said that he is a foreigner, regardless of ups and downs." blocked. People with extraordinary abilities are extraordinary people. The Daqi royal family tried their best to please Wuming, enhance Li Yuanxiong's status and power, and marry into the Liu family. They tried their best but the results were as pale as a blank piece of paper. Everyone in the Yang family present was a little heartbroken, but there was nothing they could do. After that, he felt relieved again. Wuming can suppress the world with his own power. If you want to gain Great Qi, you can have it within your reach, and the Magic Sword Sect is a lesson from the past. If Wuming took Daqi and replaced him, he would be named Emperor. Rewards for the Li family and the Liu family also came naturally. The opposite is also true, if the people from Yanzhilou succeed in planning to replace Yang Qi, they will also try their best to win over the Li family, and the Liu family will try their best to win over Wuming. Regardless of the ups and downs of the sea and the rushing water, the Li family and the Liu family will not suffer. Without a name, there will be no suffering. If you have strength, you can stand up straight. Without strength, you can only be blown down by the wind. Not only the Duong family, but everyone present looked at Ly Nguyen Hung with envious and jealous eyes. What luck did the Ly family have to have a relationship with Vo Danh. Ly Nguyen Ba. Although Ly Nguyen Ba has been missing for many years, many people still have an impression on Ly Nguyen Ba. Ly Nguyen Ba was extremely excellent, extremely outstanding, or was this inevitable? People were divided into groups, and the feathered things gathered together. A genius, can you always get along with a genius? Why. There is no mention of the psychological activities of those who stayed in the capital, but Yang Yi and Eunuch Li led many killing masters to the east, and they left the city immediately, and met Mrs. Yanzhi and her people. Yan Ziyun is near the city. There were hundreds of people on each side. Yang Qi went through many upheavals, and his strength became extremely weak. However, after countless years of operation, the Rouge Building is extremely strong. When the Yang family was at its weakest, it delivered its strongest blow. This opportunity is one that Rouge House has been waiting for for many years. When the two sides met, everyone was shocked. “Yen Tu Van!!!” Duong Dich's pupils shrank, he recognized Nhan Tu Van. Everyone has immense strength. Under such circumstances, it is extremely difficult to hide the true strength of the other person. Yan Ziyun has been active outside, and everyone in the world knows that Yan Ziyun is a heavenly being, with a good-looking appearance, but no one knows that Yan Ziyun has real strength in the list. And even in Tianbang, he is also a very strong expert. Yan Ziyun, Mrs. Yanzhi, Yang Xing, Li Shifu, Eunuch Li, Yang Yi and the man from Ningguo's mansion all had similar backgrounds. The difference between the two is only a few centimeters. At this moment, Yan Ziyun's aura was breaking out, which naturally surprised Yang Yi, and he also understood that his lustful emperor had died unjustly. Yen Tu Van changed into a new set of clothes, a bright red short-sleeved shirt, snow-white boots on her feet, her black hair was pulled back, only tied with a red string at the top of her hair. Holding a soft iron sword. Extremely clean and sharp. Grandma Yanzhi's pupils also shrank, she recognized Li Eunuch, and said: "You are Li Anshun, right?" "You recognize me? Um!!! So you are Zhang Zhuxue." . , squinted his eyes, then looked surprised. But in the past Li Anshun used to walk rivers and lakes, and Mrs. Yanzhi was a master on the list many years ago, Qingzhujian, Zhang Zhuxue. "You're still alive, I originally only had one Duong Nghi left in Duong Ky." Nhan Chi's mother-in-law, Truong Truc Tuyet, sighed and said. "Of course I'm still alive. Since a hundred years ago, it wasn't easy for me to use true energy. As long as I don't use true energy, don't get angry, don't be too happy, I can live longer. I believe you know this truth, so you also disappeared from the world, No news for many years." Li Anshun tremblingly revealed the secret of his longevity. Then he opened his mouth again and said: "Who are you?" Then, she winked at Yan Ziyun. "Buzz buzz!!!" Zhang Zhuxue struck first, using his sword to attack Li Anshun, but he did not use the Long Song Sword but the Thanh Truc Sword, the sound was like wind blowing bamboo. This sword technique is Zhang Zhuxue's own sword technique, and its power is naturally not comparable to the Youlongjian unique move of the Zhao Song royal family. But Zhang Zhuxue knew that eunuchs like Li Anshun were very knowledgeable about the dragon sword. In the past, Zhang Baigong easily defeated Wu Xionglie with the dragon sword. Under such circumstances, Zhang Zhuxue did not expect to meet Li Anshun, but now that the sword had been drawn, he had no other choice but to fight. “God bless the Tong family.” Truong Truc Tuyet softly groaned, her eyes filled with obsession. "God bless the Great Song Dynasty!!!" The masters of the Rouge House also followed Zhang Zhuxue like a shadow, and killed Yang Yi, Li Anshun and others. Yan Ziyun also understood, a dragon chant sword attacked Yang Yi. In the dark night, the sound of the wind was accompanied by Diep Tieu's voice, shrill and unfamiliar. In Qidu city, a large number of people were patrolling, ordinary people tightly closed the doors and windows, blew out oil lamps and continued to sleep peacefully. The houses of meritorious people and the houses of ministers were brightly lit, many people were waiting, waiting for the results of this great battle. Zhang Ning wears a yellow belt on his head, a snow-white shirt, a belt of the same color, black boots, and two knives on the left side of his belt. A Buddha knife, a magic knife. Zhang Ning tapped his toes on the tiles and glided through the houses like a ghost, neither the owner of the house nor the patrolling guards, Jin Yiwei and Dongchang Fanzi could find this ghostly figure. Zhang Ning quickly left the city, then headed north of the city. There is a bamboo forest in the north of the city. The bamboo in the bamboo forest is the slender bamboo in the south, small and short, and is a good material for making fishing rods. If Zhang Ning was making fishing rods, he would come back here to chop bamboo. At a place on the edge of the bamboo forest, there is a communal house called. “Chieu Phong Cac”, a very strange name. The house is made of bamboo, has stone tables and benches. Zhang Ning went to Zhaofeng Pavilion, placed two knives on the stone table, then sat on the stone chair. This is where Yan Ziyun made an agreement with him, if Yan Zhilou is defeated, Yan Ziyun will flee and come here. Win or lose, the bird in the cage, the canary. Yan Ziyun, the most beautiful woman in the world, will stay out of trouble. Since then, the world of Daqi lost one of the most beautiful women in the world and added a crazy woman, a free and easy-going woman. Battle of the East. Both sides participating in the war were at least experts from Heaven. If such an expert were placed in the rivers and lakes, it would be enough to establish a sect. But now on the battlefield, there are two to three hundred people. Daqi's power, the power of Rouge Tower, is very scary in Daqi's world. It was second only to the previous Divine Sword Sect and the Blood River Sect that was destroyed by Zhang Ning. But in the end, a gangster organization is not as good as Duong Ky, the orthodox person in the court. The fierce mother-in-law Zhang Zhuxue faced the immortal eunuch Li Anshun, Yan Ziyun faced the Qiantang king Yang Yi, the two sides fought. The top combat power is invincible. Because Zhang Zhuxue and Yan Ziyun did not expect to meet Li Anshun here, and the two of them killed Yang Xing and Li Shifu not long ago after paying a very heavy price. And the owner of Rouge House is not as good as Yang Qi's owner. The two sides fought for only a quarter of an hour, and the balance of victory was in favor of Yang Qi. No one knows Ly An Thuan's magic. He practices internal and external martial arts, his hands are as hard as iron, and he can make finger moves. The figure is like a butterfly flying among flowers. One point pointed out that no matter how Zhang Zhuxue used his sword, it was an inevitable result. When strength, age and experience reach their level, it is impossible to kill opponents without external force. The battle dragged on and on. "Pfft!!!" Li Anshun found an opportunity, his right hand emitted blue light, his ghostly figure dodged Truong Truc Tuyet's sword, leaned forward, his right hand's sword pointed at his left shoulder. Truong Truc Tuyet, fresh blood flowed, and it was terrible, And beautiful. Zhang Zhuxue snorted, turned his wrist, used a long sword wrapped in blue true energy to slash at Li Anshun. Li Anshun also had to pay a little price, his right arm was cut off by the sword, but the wound is very serious. shallow. "It seems that the emperor is still working, you are seriously injured." Ly An Thuan opened his hooligan mouth, spoke calmly, then began to attack like a ghost. In the blink of an eye, both sides had fought thirty moves. Li Anshun found an opportunity, pointed at Zhang Zhuxue's left chest, penetrated Zhang Zhuxue's body protection, true energy, flesh and heart, and stabbed out from behind. Li Anshun was not half happy, on the contrary he frowned, stepped on his feet and tried to pull his right hand out, but he didn't move at all. "Huh?!" Ly An Thuan raised his head to look at Truong Truc Tuyet. Truong Truc Tuyet laughed at Ly An Thuan, opened his mouth and spit out, a special silver needle shot out, instantly passing through. Ly An Thuan's head. "Sure enough, if you do nothing, you can live longer." Ly An Thuan's eyes darkened, he spoke faintly, then fell down together with Truong Truc Tuyet. "Mother-in-law!!!" On the other hand, Nhan Tu Van was still that crazy woman, holding the Dragon Sword in one hand, facing Duong Dich, receiving many punches on her body, encouraging her. to support her There are many sword marks. She felt Zhang Zhuxue's momentum immediately weaken. Turning her head and seeing that her grandmother Yanzhi Zhang Zhuxue was dead, she let out a shrill cry. Tears filled my eyes. There were tears in my eyes but I was also extremely sad. Because although her mother-in-law treated her harshly, she was also very kind. But the mother-in-law is also a cage. A cage in which a caged bird is imprisoned. And when the mother-in-law died, the caged bird was free. So another kind of emotion is also sprouting. free of charge. “Disperse!!!” Yen Tu Van didn't know whether to laugh or cry, summoning true energy, using some kind of dangerous technique, fleeing thousands of miles away, running extremely fast. With a sound of dispersion, it also bloomed like thunder. Rouge House has been defeated. Zhao Song will never be able to restore the country. Now that the bird is free, she needs to go to Zhaofeng Pavilion and meet her stinky cousin.

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    Going through the waterfall, the water does not wet the body. Behind the waterfall, there is a hole in the sky. In a stone cave with a radius of a hundred meters, stalactites hang in the sky, bright as day, below the small bridge, flowing water, trees and plants glow like fireworks.

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    The old man bowed his head, gently looking at the woman's gentle face, as if the pastimes of traveling with her around the world just appeared before his eyes.

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    When the old man left, he once said that a master's identity should not be revealed, unless it is time of life and death.

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    The old man nodded at the white ape, jumped up from the stone bridge first, and walked toward the waterfall in the middle. The white ape let out a cry and followed closely.

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    Suddenly a heavy sigh came from behind, a voice came: "Young man, go down, you shouldn't be there."

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    Seeing that the narrator had broken Yang Mingmu's right arm with just one move, the three of them knew that there was a huge gap between them, and if they took revenge, they would only find their own deaths, so They clasped their hands together and said: "This time we admit defeat, there will be a day in the future." The lingering sound had not yet ended, the three people had already run far away, running faster and faster, without looking back.

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    Ho Huc turned around, looked at the two people in the stands, smiled and said: "Rumors are just rumors after all, not trustworthy, I'm fine."

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    The moon in the sky is the bright moon that year. The person in front of me is a beauty from the past.

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    Ling Langya smiled and said: "Hu Xu? You don't have a long beard, and you have a lot of knowledge."