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    When the narrator on stage heard the sound, he saw the source of A Phuc's call from the corner of his eye, a glint of joy appeared in his eyes, and he continued his previous writing as if nothing had happened. what happened.

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    But Ly Nguyen Ba also knew many secrets of Truong Ninh. However, he also knew that Zhang Ning's heart was to live forever in the yin and yang world, like fairies, Buddhas and demons, not the ghosts and gods of the underworld, so he only had mana and no what else. Furthermore, Zhang Ning went to the country of Zhujiang for a while and was made king of Zhujiang. Therefore, Ly Nguyen Ba did not think that King So Giang was Truong Ninh, Truong Ninh was King So Giang. In his opinion, King Chujiang was the top figure in heaven, and he was truly tyrannical, so he naturally longed for it. In general, because Zhang Ning was too embarrassed to explain, the incident ended like this. "Amitabha. Although the king of Chujiang is indeed a leading figure in the heavenly world, my Buddhism is also full of great forces. Zu Neng, you have outstanding qualities. As long as you work hard practice, you can also have the future status of Arhat, you must know, building a building on the ground, must be achieved, step by step." At this moment, a Buddhist signal rang out. The voice of Li Yuanba's uncle, Monk Faxiu, rang out. "Yes, uncle, in the future I will definitely practice hard, become an Arhat, and compete with King So Giang." Ly Nguyen Ba clasped his hands together, revealing a look of determination. Don't look at Ly Nguyen Ba with red lips and white teeth, handsome and delicate, standing together with Truong Ninh, shining for a while, what a beautiful couple. But his personality is very determined and strong. In the Fengyue world, there are many people who want to kneel down and lick King Chujiang, hoping to have a fairy destiny. But Buddhism has Buddhist roots, and Ly Nguyen Ba has such a personality. Although he is still humble now, he will only become more courageous and diligent. “Amitabha Buddha, you are so good!” The mage's voice rang out again. Seeing this, Zhang Ning opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated. How is this explained? Forget it. But he said it was only for a short while, the boat crept through the water, and two or three hours later it arrived outside the Dragon Palace. This Dragon Palace is truly a Dragon Palace, layer upon layer of palaces, everywhere like palaces on the ground. There were no lights in the palace, only bright jade, illuminating the Dragon Palace like day. Inside and outside the Dragon Palace, there are sea monsters guarding them, all wearing armor and holding guns, with excellent weapons. In the palace, there are Ngao girls with highly transformed bodies, delicate figures, and exquisite clothes interspersed among them. At the door of the dragon palace, the building shrank and fell into the hands of Cao Thuong Thanh and put it in Qiankun's pocket. Cao Shangqing turned the river and sent Monk Faxiu, Li Yuanba and Zhang Ning forward. “General Cao.” The guard in front of the palace gate recognized Cao Thuong Thanh and bowed to pay respects. "YES." Cao Thuong Thanh replied calmly, leading a group of people into the Dragon Palace. There is no river water in the Dragon Palace, but it is very humid. Cao Shangqing was not the general in charge of the banquet, so after entering the Dragon Palace, he summoned a demon turtle to entertain the monk Faxiu and his group, and then left on his own. This love turtle's official position is turtle keeper. The turtle boss has a taller figure but has a chubby face and pale purple skin, looking a bit funny. As soon as the two sides met, Mr. Rua introduced himself. “I was originally a small turtle in the pond, it took me a hundred years to develop my wisdom, I swam down the river from the pond, and finally came to this Vinh Ninh River, two thousand years later I transformed into internal magic. Thanks to the previous dragon king's attention, I became the chief turtle. He is in charge of general affairs in the Dragon Palace, and he is more than five thousand years old. “But this old turtle is older than Mo Sheng, the dragon king of Yongning River. If it is truly a long-lived person, it is a turtle. While chatting with the Turtle Manager, the group arrived at a side hall. The side hall is quite large, there are many houses in the hall. Manager Quy took the group out to a room and said: "This is the Purple Tinh Palace. This banquet is for the Dragon King to be three thousand years old. The Dragon King invites his friends." friends come to wish a happy birthday, the most important member." of the Yongning River Aquarium No need to mention Wu Zi, the rivers and waters of the Eastern Divine Pearl are the Dragon King, the Water tribe, the sea dragon, the Water tribe and people of different factions in the Eastern Heavenly Divine Pearl who have friendship with the Dragon King. Although the Dragon Palace is large, it cannot accommodate so many people. This purple color There are still dozens of people live in the Crystal Palace, including the Guisi Temple. Master Faxiu, please do not offend." "Mr. Gui doesn't need to be like this. For poor monks, a thatched hut is enough for them to live in." Monk Faxiu Anh clasped his hands and said. Most Buddhists are ordinary people, as monk Faxiu said, a thatched hut is enough. But Mr. Gui can't do it, you must know that the old Dragon King also wants face, I really won't give him a thatched hut, that's not hospitality. After Mr. Rua explained, he invited the group into the room. Those were Monk Faxiu, Li Yuanba and Zhang Ning, who explained a or two things. For example, "The Dragon King's birthday is ten days away, if there is anything you can call the girl Ngao to come to the palace, I will go do it." Ly Nguyen Ba took the opportunity to invite the manager Ghost, sent the little devil to find the whereabouts of Zhang Ning's herd. Manager Turtle naturally agreed. After finishing his work, Manager Turtle said his goodbyes and left. Monks Faxiu, Zhang Ning and Li Yuanba each entered two room. Last time the two brothers met, they talked for a long time. There were only three months left. As for the cultivators, most of them were cultivators, with very few trivial matters. So, although they were in the same room, But there wasn't much to say, so we chatted a few words and then sat cross-legged to practice Phat Nguyen. After practicing for about five days, something went wrong. The ground in the Dragon Palace shook for a moment, as if it encountered an earthquake. But this is impossible, even the earthquake will not affect the Dragon Palace. Truong Ninh and Ly Nguyen Ba sat on the bed practicing Phat Nguyen. Ky Ky opened his eyes, got out of bed, opened the door and left the room. In Quartz Palace, a small Giao Chi is flying in the air. This small Giao Chi is about three meters long, small and delicate, its entire body is as black as ink, with a spiral black horn, only different is that it is no different from a bobcat. dragon. That is the dragon that belongs to Jiao. Little girl Jiao was dancing and frolicking in the air, occasionally making giggling sounds, causing the Dragon Palace to shake for a moment. Although the dragon in the water is extremely powerful, seeing that this kid is still young and can shake the Dragon Palace, it is definitely not normal. "I heard that the old Dragon King has a beloved daughter named Mac Black Ngoc." Ly Nguyen Ba said. At this time, a few girls chased after them, saw Tieu Kieu joking around, and quickly said: "Princess Black Jade, Tu Linh palace has many distinguished guests coming to celebrate Dragon King's birthday, please come down here." At this time, many young people like Ly Nguyen Ba came out of the room. That Tieu Kieu was not a delicate girl. In mid-air she turned into a girl about four or five years old, her head tied with horns and black silk, her skin white, her lips pink, wearing black clothes. , Black and white echo, the whiter the cuter. A clam girl quickly opened her arms and hugged the girl in her arms. The girl sat in the girl's lap, looked around at everyone present, and said coldly: "Dear guests, Hac Vu is rude." “Princess, you are serious.” A young man present spoke. Immediately, those clam girls bowed to the young people present, then hugged Mo Heiyu and left. "I heard about the Dragon King's little girl. Even though she was only three years old, she was definitely active and lively, but her intelligence was no less than that of an adult. Seeing it today, I realized it wasn't a lie." Ly Nguyen Ba said. "Zuneng, you really don't know anything as usual." At this moment, someone said contemptuously. Ly Nguyen Ba and Truong Ninh raised their heads together, only to see a young man standing holding a sword, This young man has sharp eyebrows, sharp eyes, handsome appearance, domineering temperament. "Who am I? It turned out to be Longmen Sect benefactor Cheng Jian Guangcheng. The benefactor Cheng had a dream in the past. Could it be that he dreamed of his own beautiful wife and son? " Ly Nguyen Ba laughed coldly, little monk. But there was no trace of a Buddhist monk, but full of provocation. Truong Ninh pondered. "Huh." Cheng Jianguang coldly snorted, turned and left. Cheng Jianguang left, but the rest of the young people did not. One of the purple-shirted young men came forward to bow to Ly Nguyen Ba: "Master's name is To Neng, but is he a disciple of the founder of Taolin temple? May I ask who is the respected master? " He wore a purple-gold crown on his head and a jade belt. He was lavish but not flashy. "That was the monk of Taolin Temple. His tutor is Fakong of Diamond Academy." Li Yuanba returned the greeting, then asked, "I wonder who the benefactor is? " "I'm Wulang, Li Xiukong." Li Xiukong said. “So it's the Fifth Prince.” Li Yuanba said. But it turned out that this Li Xiukong was the Fifth Prince of the Tianyuan Kingdom, King E. Although Li Yuanba called the other person the Fifth Prince, in fact his attitude was also normal. This is a normal thing in Tianyuan Kingdom, from a certain angle, the royal court can be considered a sect. Taolin Temple is one of the Buddhist sects of Tianyuan Kingdom, but it is also worthy of royalty Tianyuan, the two sides can only be considered friends. Then, Ly Nguyen Ba introduced himself to Truong Ninh again, and at the same time, the young people here also came forward to say hello. However, Manager Gui arranged it is reasonable, and the people in this Purple Crystal Hall are all major sects such as Li Yuanba, Li Xiukong or human monks with great backgrounds. And the young people present here are not Having a relationship with the old dragon king, they just came to see the world with their elders, and the people who came to see the world, on the contrary, also signed our sect, so they are the core characters. core of each faction. The only person here was Zhang Ning, who had no background or sect, and only relied on Li Yuanba's connections to join the fun. So Zhang Ning was looked at by everyone, but no one was rude among them, and no quarrels happened because of this, treating Zhang Ning as a new friend was considered polite. Everyone is a sect in Tianyuan, and they all need to deal with each other. Even an existence like Taolin Temple needed this. Perhaps this is why Taolin Temple sent Li Yuanba to meet the world. After all, Li Yuanba was not an ordinary monk, but the son of the Duke of Ningguo, who was born into a luxurious family of Daqi. I've been used to making friends since I was young, needless to say I'm polished, but my skills are at least much better than the average person. When young people make friends, they quickly become acquainted. A group of people went together to the side hall, entered the main hall, and were served by a young girl bringing melons, fruits and tea. Although Thach Dien is an annex, it is also very large. The layout is quite classic, but one person kneels and sits alone. The northern position of honor, two below is the secondary position of the box. There is no owner here, the solemn position is empty, people sit on both sides. Li Xiukong curiously asked Li Yuanba: "Master Zu Neng, who is Cheng Jianguang? It seems that he has a conflict with the master." The rest of the people also showed curiosity, even Zhang Ning. However, Truong Ninh and Ly Nguyen Ba are very familiar with each other, knowing that this person who worships this acquaintance is a very big-hearted person, not a villain who cares about villains. Cheng Jianguang of the Longmen Sect must have deeply offended Li Yuanba, or did something that Li Yuanba could not see. Sure enough, Ly Nguyen Ba clasped his hands and sighed: "This person is the most unlucky person in the world." According to Ly Nguyen Ba, Trinh Kien Quang was exposed. That was Li Yuanba, who entered Taolin Temple when he was young and became a monk. He is now over forty, but he looks very young and handsome. The same is true for Zhang Ning. Most of the young people present were like Ly Nguyen Ba, they looked very young. Of course, because Ly Nguyen Ba started late, the young people here were much better than young Ly Nguyen Ba and Truong Ninh. And that Cheng Jianguang must be seven or eight years younger than Li Yuanba, and he came from the village near Taolin Temple. Buddhism focuses on saving people with predestined relationships, and will not intentionally seek disciples. Although this Cheng Jianguang had outstanding talent and lived near Taolin Temple, he was not destined to enter Taolin Temple. Instead, he got married at the age of fourteen and had a son at the age of fifteen . Later, an expert of Longmen Sect discovered Cheng Jianguang's talent and accepted him as a disciple, after which Cheng Jianguang left his wife and son to go to Longmen Sect. Leaving behind wife and children. Li Yuanba happened to know about this incident, so he went to Longmen school to discuss it. Unexpectedly, Cheng Jianguang had married another beautiful wife, so Li Yuanba satirized him and returned helplessly. After Li Yuanba returned, the wife and children that Cheng Jianguang left behind committed suicide. Li Xiukong and others were also filled with righteous indignation upon hearing those words, they in turn despised Cheng Jianguang, but praised Li Yuanba for his righteousness. Truong Ninh sat next to him and didn't interrupt at all, but he could understand. Although Cheng Jianguang was indeed somewhat dirty, the people present were not necessarily filled with righteous indignation. It's just that from a moral perspective, no one wants to say anything good about Na Cheng Jianguang. As for Ly Nguyen Ba's righteous anger, it is real. Zhang Ning still remembered what Li Yuanba said. “Women are to be cherished.” As the type of lover who goes everywhere for women, Li Yuanba is very sympathetic to weak women. Although Ly Nguyen Ba was not good, he went away anyway, leaving behind his mother and brothers. But no one is perfect. Therefore, Li Yuanba went to Longmen Tong to find Cheng Jianguang, who had never met before. As an orphan and widow mother and child, Zhang Ning was not surprised to do such a thing. In general, under Li Yuanba's narration, everything is very clear. After chatting for a while, everyone in the amethyst hall seemed to have made new friends, and they quickly dispersed, waiting for the birthday party to begin. Ten days have passed, and the Dragon King's birthday party officially began on this day, with characters from all walks of life appearing on stage. There are monster races, Buddhism, Taoism, vulgarism, and divine religions. Old Dragon King is truly a character with a polished face and a wide acquaintance. This birthday party is truly rare in the entire Tianyuan country. Top events.

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    Regarding the theft of wine, the homeowner had told him not to tell outsiders, so he had to wait until the time of making the wine before using the excuse that it was the rarest item that was the most expensive. However, not all guests can understand, most guests who come here for fame and fortune will not want to indulge in debauchery.

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    Ling Langya's hand was clutching a letter, and the yellowed paper was filled with the intention of parting.

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    The surprise was still on Master Zhishang's face, even the two city gods saw how terrible the power of the demon in that knife was. Furthermore, she is a Buddhist nun. Buddha and evil spirits are not compatible. But at this moment, Zhang Ning held a magic knife, with demonic power like a prison. If he had been replaced by an even more paranoid Buddhist, I'm afraid he would have long been unable to bear it and wanted to fight. Even if there is no doubt about death, he will act. But fortunately, Master Zhishang is not a stubborn person, she looks majestic and serious, but she is not paranoid. But even so, Master Tri was still silent for a moment, then let out a breath and took a step back to Bach Van monastery. "Amitabha, who are you, Patriarch Truong? What kind of knife is this?" Master Chich walked to Truong Ninh's side, bowed his head, and asked in an unprecedented solemn Buddhist ceremony. Before that, in the eyes of master Zhishang. Zhang Ning is a thorn, because her student Xuanjing Liu Xiuxiu is carrying a powerful relic, and may be a female Bodhisattva in the future. How can a female Buddhist Bodhisattva have a husband? So Master Zhishang only thought that Zhang Ning's face was disgusting, but when Zhang Ning performed Fuhu Fist and showed his powerful talent, she treasured his talent and gave it to Zhang Ning an episode of "Fuhu Jingjing". Although Zhang Ning is not a child of Buddhism, he also has a beautiful wife and happy family. He has no relationship with Buddhism. This nun is a strict person who follows the precepts. When faced with a monster, she rushes forward and forgets to die. Occasionally there is a woman's kindness. Lawful and compassionate. However, today, Master Zhishang knew that Zhang Ning, a seemingly ordinary person, should have a very broad and unfathomable background. Could it be that for some profound reason that female bodhisattva left relics for Huyen Kinh? Master Tri Thuong thinks so. Everyone's thoughts were very fragmented, and because of Zhang Ning's special nature, Master Zhishang's imagination was attracted to him. She did not know that the Buddhist nun had given the relics to Liu Xiuxiu just for a moment of compassion. "Master Hui Zhishang, I am just on the road to longevity. As for this knife, it is an ancestral knife. Master, don't worry about it, as long as this knife is in my hand, it will not get out of control." Zhang Ning inserted the knife into his waist, with both hands Heshi, also a Buddhist ritual, very sincere. Master Tri looked at Truong Ninh's sincere expression, felt his sincerity, and couldn't help but feel reassured. Immediately, Master Zhishang remembered what happened today and said: "Thank you Master Zhang for saving us today." A nun and a young man dressed in white talked on the roof of the hall for a while and then fell together. At this time, Liu Xiuxiu, the younger sister of the Li family, Niu Er, Zhang Zishan and the disciples of Baiyun Nunnery were all waiting in the courtyard in front of the main hall. After the two people fell, Zhang Ning said nothing. Liu Xiuxiu and other Baiyun Nunnery disciples stepped forward to greet Master Zhishang, saying "Master." Many nuns secretly looked at Zhang Ning, but it was not because of their love for each other. Although Zhang Ning is really handsome, he wears white and has a great temperament. But there are many handsome men, but few strange men. Holding the magic knife in his hand, Zhang Ning performed a magic sword strike and swallowed the dragon, they also saw it. So what they were looking at was actually Zhang Ning, and it was also the magic knife at Zhang Ning's waist. “What a terrible knife.” The nuns thought to themselves. Master Zhishang first comforted the disciples, then invited Zhang Ning to live in the nunnery. The nunnery was originally open to the outside world, its doors were wide open, men and women could come and offer incense. It was only because of the relationship between Zhang Ning and Liu Xiuxiu that Master Zhishang sent Zhang Ning to live in Suolong village. Now that he knew this was a stranger, the mandarin's thoughts of hitting the duck were much smaller. Furthermore, Suolong village was destroyed, so Zhang Ning could only stay at the nunnery. One night passed, and over the next few days, the area surrounding Bach Van Nunnery experienced a bustle. Because of the battle with the magical dragon, within a radius of dozens of miles, everything had changed beyond recognition. People from the royal court arrived late to investigate. Later, it was confirmed that this place may not have been suitable for villagers to live in in recent years, so they arranged for Suolong village and other villages to relocate to other places. Bach Van Nunnery has become a solitary building within a radius of dozens of miles, and there are very few male and female followers who come to offer incense. But Bach Van Nunnery is not an ordinary temple, and this is its name. Zhang Ning, Niu Er, the younger sister of the Li family, Zhang Zishan and others settled at Baiyun Monastery, but Master Zhishang also told him that Zhang Ning was not allowed to go looking for Liu Xiuxiu often, so as not to do bother Liu Xiuxiu's Buddhist Practice. Truong Ninh also obediently obeyed. Of course, the love of children cannot be given up, and it is impossible to give up in this life. But to aspire for longevity, Liu Xiuxiu also needs to practice well. A quiet month. Today, the scorching sunlight dispels the cold winter and brings a little warmth to the world. Although Bach Van Nunnery does not have worshipers coming to offer incense, it is cleaner. Master Tri Thuong wears a bamboo hat on his head, a monk's robe, monk's shoes, a convenient shovel on his back, and clothes for hiking. Liu Xiuxiu and other disciples came together to see him off. As for Zhang Ning and his team, they were practicing in their room. Master Chi Thuong called out: "Huyen Canh, go invite Master Truong." “Yes, master.” Luu Tu Tu obediently agreed, went to Truong Ninh's room, and knocked on the door. The door opened automatically, Truong Ninh immediately went out. Seeing Master Chi Thuong's outfit, he was a bit surprised and asked: "Master Tri, are you planning to go far?" Heshi said, nodding. Immediately, he pleaded earnestly: "I don't know how much longer. My nunnery's affairs have been handed over to my disciples. You don't need to worry. But if you encounter any major problems." , please ask Master Zhang to help you." "Okay." Zhang Ning agreed to come down. Master Tri Thuong again bowed to Truong Ninh, carried a handy shovel on his back, strode out of Bach Van Monastery, and then left. in clouds and fog. This Buddhism of riding clouds and riding dew is different from the Shui Tao of riding clouds and riding dew. For example, Mo Heiyu's Flying Clouds and Flying Mist are naturally extremely fast, but Master Zhishang's Flying Clouds and Flying Mist , the speed can only be said to be unsatisfactory. Buddhists are usually not quick on their feet, so they like to force evil demons into mounts. After saying goodbye to their master, the nuns of Ni The White Cloud Institute bowed to Zhang Ning and dispersed. Only Liu Xiuxiu remained, and she said to Zhang Ning: "Brother Zhang, Master still cannot let go of the eminent monk who suppressed the demon dragon. According to rumors, that famous monk lived in the Western Raksha Sea, and she intended to investigate the situation. Although it is difficult to reverse the monk's obsession, the master is still worried about an eminent monk who will perish from there." Small head. Liu Xiu Xiu widened his eyes, looking left and right to see if anyone was there. no, he happily hugged Truong Ninh, gently lingered for a while, then honestly returned to reading the Buddhist scriptures. Truong Ninh smiled and paused for a moment, then returned to his room to practice. Time passes quickly, spring and summer Autumn and winter are coming, it's another three years. This spring is warm, and the spring flowers are blooming and fragrant. However, within dozens of miles around Bach Van nunnery, there is still no vegetation. The great war three years ago caused too much damage to this land. Nothing has changed in the past three years, and most of them are practicing. Gradually, Zhang Ning also encountered some problems But for Truong Ninh, the method doesn't need to be too advanced, just starting. But Naihe is different from Zhang Zishan, the younger sister of the Li family and Niu Er. Because Zhang Zishan and the younger sister of the Li family practice the exercises Because of their superficial methods, their training progress is very unsatisfactory. Zhang Ning felt that he should go out for a walk, collect some exercises, and adapt a set of exercises for Zhang Zishan and the younger sister of the Li family, and coordinate a set of fighting methods. Taoism is supernatural, with formations, magic weapons, refining tools, elixirs, spells, etc. But Zhang Zishan and the younger sisters of the Li family were all like mortal swordsmen, focusing on practicing the sword. That is, the first war. Niu'er's situation is also very bad, the conflict between the blood of the cow and the blood of the dragon. And the Zhang Ning family is also number one in fighting. The only one with promise is Liu Xiuxiu, who practices Buddhism, but in the future she needs more means. In general, Truong Ninh feels that he should go out for a walk. On this day, Master Xuan Yuan from Baiyun Nunnery brought Liu Xiuxiu to Zhang Ning. Grandmaster Hien Vien is Liu Tu Tu's sister, has a personality similar to that of Grandmaster Chi Thuong, and is a serious nun. Luu Tu Tu obediently followed her. Hearing a knock on the door, Zhang Ning opened the door and invited Master Xuanyuan in. Liu Xiuxiu glanced at Zhang Ning. Then the three of them sat down together on the sofa and said: "Amitabha Buddha." The little nun spoke frankly. Master has been coming to Luochahai for three years, but there is no news. The little nun is very worried about master, and Benefactor Zhang is a strange person. Poor nun, I came here to ask Master Zhang for help in finding my family's whereabouts." Master Xuan Yuan was quite polite and straightforward, clasped his hands and spoke. "Okay." Truong Ninh also spoke frankly. “Thank you, my friend Truong.” Master Hien Vien looked happy, but based on Master Tri Thuong's strength, he shouldn't be worried. But Master Zhishang went to Rakshahai, that place is very dangerous. And Master Zhishang's target was the monk I was obsessed with. There has been no news for three years, everyone in Bach Van nunnery is very worried. But they don't have the qualifications to go see Master Chi Thuong. If they go, they're afraid that the meat buns will hit the dog and won't come back. But Truong Ninh is different. This son has proven with facts that he is truly strong. He is also the husband of Liu Xiuxiu, a lay disciple, and he is trustworthy. So, Hien Vien came to ask. Of course, this is also a request. If Truong Ninh doesn't go, there is no way. Now Truong Ninh agreed to go take a look, everyone was naturally happy. Master Xuanyuan thanked him many times, and Zhang Ning responded with a smile. But he said, the reason Truong Ninh agreed to this was because his master was not bad, not only not bad, but on the contrary, very good. Second, Master Zhishang was Liu Xiuxiu's master, and he looked at the Buddha's face as well as the monk's face. Dad, Truong Ninh also needs to go out and find a solution. Now that the problem was resolved, Zhang Ning set out that day. Because Zhang Zishan and the younger sisters of the Li family were still in the process of seclusion and cultivating true power, Zhang Ning did not mind, but just explained a few words to Liu Xiuxiu, then together took Niu Er and left. to the Western Raksha Sea. But before Zhang Ning went to Luochahai, he also planned to go to the capital of Shen, which was the capital of the Tianyuan Kingdom. On that day, Zhang Ning promised to go to Shendu as a guest and visit Li Xiukong. This time I happened to stop by so I went to check it out. Dong Thien Divine Kingdom is very large, Thien Nguyen Kingdom's territory is not small. However, the population of the Tianyuan Kingdom was not large and was largely concentrated in the plains. It is human nature to gather on river deltas. Therefore, there are still many deep mountains and forests in Thien Nguyen. These places often have demons and ghosts, and most of them are demons and ghosts. Currently, the power of the royal family of Thien Nguyen Kingdom is quite strong, so in the face of these hard-to-reach places, several official roads have been arranged, no matter who walks on the official road will have no problems. What a serious problem. If you don't follow the official route, you may get into trouble. On this day, Zhang Ning rode Niu Er through the clouds and fog to a vast mountain range. This mountain range extends for countless miles. In the widest part, the source cannot be seen. The mountain peaks are layer upon layer, seemingly endless. This is the Tianbo Mountains, a rare and dangerous place in the Tianyuan Kingdom. Among them, there are five official roads, which can pass through the Tianbo Mountains relatively safely. Ordinary people can only obediently follow the official path. Of course Zhang Ning is not an ordinary person, Niu Er rides the clouds to a stop in the air. For dragons, traveling in clouds and mist is as simple as eating and drinking. "Master, this place seems very dangerous." Niu Nhi carefully looked forward, then turned his head towards Truong Ninh and whispered. "Just go straight ahead." Zhang Ning rubbed Niu Er's head, and I have never seen you so cautious before. "OH." Niu Er snorted, then tried her best to control the clouds and move straight forward at lightning speed. Not long after, a cloud of pink smoke rose to attack Zhang Ning and Niu Er. But a stupid monster from nowhere, seeing this person's low cultivation, suddenly wanted to eat food. Truong Ninh frowned slightly, opened his mouth and spit out a string of bewitching chains, falling straight onto Hoang Long's body, a soul was hooked into the cave, it was a demon cat, the soul showed a bewitching look. carry. The pink smoke also disappeared. Truong Ninh asked: "What demon are you?" The cat demon was suddenly stunned, because he flew from the sky to eat delicious food, and did not expect it to become like this in the blink of an eye. After waking up, there was a horror. This man in front of me looks like a spirit fetus, but he can easily rip out my soul, using the Soul Cult's seductive chains, what is the origin? "Report to Thuong Quan, I am a little demon in the Golden Dan world. I have eyes but do not know Thai Son." In front of the cat asking for forgiveness, Truong Ninh wiped out his consciousness, recovered his soul, and let Niu Er go down from here. From the hidden cave, the body of the cat demon, shopping bags and other things were take it. Then, he patted Niu Er's head, signaling Niu Er to continue on his way. When going out, you need silver taels. Last time Zhang Ning separated the Qinglong King's soul from his body, he intended to exchange it for money. There are two of this, but it's done well. All the demons on Thien Ba Mountain want to attack him. By the way, kill him, store the ghost, complete the body, and go to Lac Sat Hai. money change. Zhang Ning did well and subdued the three major monsters of the Golden Core Kingdom. Until Zhang Ning encountered a familiar breath. "is she!"

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    The ancient well was not quiet, Ho Hu screamed miserably and fell to the ground, terrifying the viewers' minds.

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    The short and thin man said to Ling Langya: "Little brother, if you are a man, let's talk outside the building and not disturb everyone's happiness."

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    I don't know how old I am, the stars above, spring and autumn cycle, dynasties change. This is a time of chaos, the smoke and flames of war are everywhere, and the world is miserable.

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    Wait! Don't try to run away! Some hunters were watching the two quarrel, seeing A Phuc intending to push Ling Langya out the door, they were afraid that he would escape and would not be able to take revenge. The burly man was the most impatient. He reached out and picked up the blue and white porcelain vase on the table and threw it at the back of A Phuc who was nearby.

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    Ling Langya smiled and said: "Hu Xu? You don't have a long beard, and you have a lot of knowledge."

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    One person, one table, one leaf and one tree, enough to talk about the past and present.

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    Years of searching in vain, in despair, the narrator finally chose to come here, a forbidden place in the world's legends.

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    Seeing the solemnity of Master's words, Ling Langya considered it carefully. The bronze bell is less than an inch small, seemingly made of bronze, with ancient runes engraved on it, as if it contains endless mystery, and looks even more simple. Tied around his neck and glued to his chest, it became his talisman in this life.

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    It rained heavily at night outside the temple, surrounded by strange beasts. The temple reeks of alcohol and meat.

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    During the years deep in the mountains, true fighting skills were honed by powerful beasts in the taboo and ferocious depths of the day and night cycle, and a young man's body was washed by nine waterfalls between dawn and dusk, did not disappoint his first life with humans when he came to the world to kill buckets.

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    Yang Mingmu was very satisfied with the performance of the three of them, which fully demonstrated his high-class status as an orange hunter. He just turned around, looked at Ling Langya with triangular eyes and said: "I have heard about the matter between you and my junior brother. You disregarded my status as a hunter and lied to me. as Lie Daomen, and deceived me. Big brother drinks and eats without regret, you brat has no dignity and no identity, where do you come from, a mountain family without a teacher and without a home?"

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    Ling Langya knew very well that his master's sect should not be made public, so he could only wander like a blade of grass to survive, but the name that existed in his heart was still a scale that no one can touch, and he will be angry. if he touches it.

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    On Thien Dang mountain. Although Sheng Ningxin, the sword master of the Divine Sword Sect, was killed by Zhang Ning. The fall of the Divine Sword Sect was imminent, but at least it wouldn't collapse immediately. Li Lele, Wang Xiaogou and others surrounded Ning Xin's body, unable to suppress their grief. "Amitabha Buddha, there is a proverb that says, burying Ninh Tam is safe, bury Ninh Tam first." Master Nguyen Quang also walked to Ninh Tam's side, clasped his hands and sighed. "Okay." Li Lele glanced at the senior officials of the Divine Sword Sect present, and agreed to this matter. Immediately, master Yuan Guang, monk Yuan Xiu, and the Sword Sect masters took Ning Xin away. Before the high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect left, they stabilized the Divine Sword Sect. Not long after, on an unnamed mountain peak. This mountain is unremarkable and discreet like the sand and gravel in the southern mountains. It is like Mount Tiandang. If it weren't for the sword saint Ning Han, who founded the sword sect on Mount Tiandang, Mount Tiandang would be just an ordinary mountain. Li Lele and Master Yuanguang chose this mountain as Ning Xin's resting place. There are no tombstones, and no graves. Enjoying great fame throughout his life, after his death, not only did he not have a stele, but he also did not have a grave. It is important to know how many people have lost their families because of the Sword God Sect. If the enemies of the Sword God Sect knew where Ninh Tam's grave was, they would definitely dig up Ninh Tam's body and flog her. After the matter was resolved, Master Yuanguang and monk Yuanxiu said to Li Lele: "Amitabha, the poor monk is returning to Phap Hoa Temple. Sponsor Li will take care of it." Master Yuanguang nodded and left with monk Yuanxiu, wearing robes and slippers, walking peacefully. After the two left, only Li Lele, Wang Xiaogou, and a group of high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect remained on the mountain. There are some things that Master Nguyen Quang cannot say yet, but after Master Nguyen Quang leaves, he must say them. “Deputy leader, what should we do?” Left protector Li Sheng said to Li Lele. The high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect all looked at Li Lele. This question had both a literal meaning and a profound meaning. Sheng Ningxin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect, was killed by Wuming, and the group of dragons in the Divine Sword Sect had nothing to do, it needed someone like Li Lele to take charge of the overall situation, to protect themselves during the storm upcoming. This sentence is essentially a request for Li Lele to quickly take the throne and give orders to the congregation. The high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect who had just buried their first leader were extremely scared, like mourning dogs. Li Lele was from Tianya Xiaoyao, so he shook his head and said: "The reason why I joined the Divine Sword Sect was because of Ninh Tam. Now that Ninh Tam is dead, I will also go to the gate of heaven and leave here world." . The Divine Sword Sect is up to you." At this moment, Li Lele paused, then said: "Before I leave, I will give you some advice. The Divine Sword Sect is too domineering. Ning Xin died. The dao sect is so famous, you can't keep it, so let's split up. Look for mountains, rivers and lakes, and spend the rest of your life in peace. " At this moment, Li Lele picked up his black piano, took one step, not missing a single step, free and comfortable. Although the ending was unexpected, it was the same for Li Lele, too. is a chance to escape from the sword sect. The so-called Qin In this disaster, Li Lele has been exposed to the world for too long because of the magic sword, and it is time to return to the original trajectory of life. Play in the world of humans, play in rivers and lakes. Leave this world in this way. After Li Lele left, the morale of the high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect was even lower and they fell into a state of panic, soon after, the Divine Sword Sect was disbanded. Except for Vuong Tieu Cau who stayed to guard Ninh Han's tomb, most people have disappeared, and there are still some people still walking on the rivers and lakes, but they can no longer overcome the storm. But the citadel and the disciples of the Sword God Sect in various places also suffered fierce attacks from different forces around the world. In a short time, the traces left by the Sword God Sect on rivers and lakes were almost completely erased. clean up. . Ten years of disaster. The Divine Sword Sect flourished quickly, but also quickly declined. As for Ninh Tam's body, it was Vo Danh Truong Ninh's reputation that flourished in the story of the demise of the Divine Sword Sect. There were countless experts who witnessed the battle between the two sides at that time. Zhang Ning used Fo Yuan, Ning Xin used Mo Yuan, thunder and lightning, the world strongly rejected these two bastards. The fight is short, like a streamer. Ninh Tam lost, Truong Ninh won. Although victory or defeat usually happened in the blink of an eye in a master's fight, it was too fast. The world number one of the previous generation and the world number one of this generation have been decided. In other words, there is no previous generation or this generation. The strongest person is forever nameless, without a name in the world, that is, invincible. Unless this nameless guy really leaves this world, and then the tallest person is chosen among the short ones, he will be the next best person in the world. Ning Xin fell, the Sword Sect was destroyed, making the anonymous Zhang Nhe famous, a legend in the world. Now in the arena, no one wants to touch the faceless tiger's whiskers anymore. But this place should also be lonely, as the saying goes, it's too cold up high. But this is just the speculation of ordinary people in rivers and lakes, they cannot climb to the top, and they do not know what it is like. I just know that altitude is extremely cold. But is it really like that? Zhang Ning just felt warm. Why? The reason is very simple. It is now September, the sun is very high, although Niu Nhi flies very high, but if the altitude is too high it will be very cold, but Niu Nhi has not yet flown to a high altitude and will feel cold. The warm sunlight falls on you and makes you warm. Furthermore, Zhang Ning is warm in body and heart. The so-called high places are unbearably cold, but the arrogant Ngo Tri feels that he is invincible in the world, afraid that there will no longer be anyone worthy of swinging a knife, leading to cold loneliness. But Zhang Ning is not a martial arts idiot. Zhang Ning has friends, beauties, disciples and a strange horse, his life is colorful, so he will not feel lonely. "Niu Er, Niu Er. Let's go out to play for a while, although it's not very fun, because they are all killing people. But we go out to play, leaving Ho Ky and Tu Tu at home. Why are we don't go buy some. It's easy to explain the return specials." Zhang Ning rubbed Niu Er's head, tilted his head and said. “Moo!” Niu Er happily turned around and called Zhang Ning, she was a greedy cow and she really wanted to go out and play. He wagged his tail excitedly, then walked towards Hangcheng. In mid-September, Zhang Ning returned to Qidu. It was a stormy afternoon, the lightning in the sky flashed like a dragon, under the torrential rain, everyone rushed to avoid it. The rain came very suddenly, and the streets were full of people hiding from the rain. As the saying goes, misfortune never comes alone. Although a heavy rain drowns people, it also washes away the heat of many days and brings some coolness to Qidu. In this majestic torrential rain, Zhang Ning rode Niu Er, like a dragon flying rain clouds in the sky, walking calmly amid the thunder and lightning, and then landed on Ningguo's mansion. This is the courtyard where the Liu family lived. Liu and Liu's parents were not seen in the courtyard, but Ly Huanqi and Liu Xiu were playing cards under the porch. Thunder and rain, but the wind is not strong. It is cool under the awning and will not be attacked by wind and rain. As for playing cards, this is a type of metal card popular among the Dai Qi aristocracy. There are many rules and decks of cards that Truong Ninh does not understand very well. “Brother Zhang, you are back.” Ly Hoan Ky naturally saw Truong Ninh first, put down the metal plate, and jumped up excitedly. Liu Xiuxiu was a beat slow, but she also advanced. The two girls grabbed Zhang Ning, who had just escaped Niu Er's body, each holding one of Zhang Ning's arms. Zhang Ning was so helpless that she couldn't move. After a long while, her two daughters let go of Zhang Ning, and Zhang Ning was free to touch her children's heads, then took the treasures from Hangzhou and brought them back from Hangzhou. Wanbaofan. Many specialties. Lots of delicious and fun food. "So many things." Little Sister Ly and Liu Xiu Xiu each cheered, immediately threw up a mountain of gifts and specialties, and happily played. Not long after, the entire Ningguo Palace was panicked. Liu's father, Liu's mother, Liu Qiuqiu, Mrs. Jin, Li Yuanxiong and others all came, but after a lot of agitation, they left again. Zhang Ning was in Liu Xiuxiu's room, Zhang Ning sat cross-legged on the floor, Liu Xiuxiu sat in his arms, and his younger sister Li was lying on her stomach not far away, eating the wonderful pastries that Zhang Ning brought Coming back from Hangzhou, a pair of calves were raised, constantly swaying. "Mr. Truong, what are you doing? Why did it take you so long to get there?" Ly's sister stuffed a piece of cake into her mouth and turned to ask Truong Ninh. Liu Xiuxiu didn't care, she fell asleep in Zhang Ning's arms like a kitten. "Hey, I was just going for a walk. I'll just return the knife while I'm there." Truong Ninh tilted his head, then patted the magic knife placed parallel to the Buddha knife and said. "OH." The younger sister named Ly actually didn't pay much attention, just asked casually. At this moment, the news of the collapse of the Divine Sword Sect had not yet reached Qidu. After all, news in this world is not fast, Zhang Ning and Niu Er are moving very fast. The incident happened on September 7, but the person involved returned to Qidu in mid-September. After Zhang Ning returned, peaceful days passed for ten days, until ten days later, news about The demonic and anonymous cult spread to Qidu. Although the power of the Divine Sword Sect is not very strong in Gyeonggi, it is because the strongest force in Gyeonggi is the imperial court, and the imperial court governs Gyeonggi like an iron wall. However, the destruction of the Divine Sword Sect still caused an earthquake in Qidu. People in the rivers and lakes, people in the court all looked at Ninh Cong's mansion in awe, even though they did not see the invincible sir. But also feel scared. It was like a knife, a magic knife, always emitting a sharp breath, making people unable to breathe. Many people from rivers, lakes and the royal court visited Li Yuanxiong, the Duke of Ning, but no one visited Zhang Ning. Because no one knows what this anonymous man is thinking. Although everyone wanted to have a relationship with this unknown man, they did not dare to be gentle. When a good man looks for a good woman, don't be rude to a beautiful woman. He wants to please the peerless master, but he is also worried that he will flatter the horse's feet and cause trouble for the superior. Therefore, in front of King Ninh's mansion there was a lot of traffic, but the small yard where Truong Ninh was located seemed to be an anonymous Buddhist temple deep in the mountains, clean and deserted. But people in the human world, because there are so many people, there will always be trouble. Ning Guogong Li Yuanxiong can shelter Zhang Ning from wind and rain, but there are always people that Li Yuanxiong cannot hide from. Li Yuanxiong was an important minister of the imperial court, because Zhang Ning protected the mansion of the Duke of Ningguo, so his status, power and prestige were all top in the sky. Today the sun is shining, the autumn tiger is still showing its strength, so the weather is a bit hot. Li Yuanxiong was resting today and was invited to drink with several Dukes and Master Hou. After the luncheon, I came back after eating. After returning, Ly Nguyen Hung's expression was a bit solemn, hesitated for a moment, and asked the guard in front of the door: "Brother Truong is going out?" Sighing, Li Yuanxiong clasped his hands behind his back and entered the palace. Duke, and saw Zhang Ning knitting a bamboo hat in the yard. Zhang Ning is weaving bamboo hats, while Liu Xiuxiu is taking care of flowers and plants. “Brother Zhang.” Ly Nguyen Hung went to Truong Ninh to bow. “What's wrong?” Truong Ninh took off his bamboo hat and asked with a glance. The partition wall has ears, the owner is not difficult to hear even a mile away. So if there is something important that needs to be kept secret, it should be in the secret room. Li Yuanxiong moved his fingers and wrote on the ground with his true energy. Three words, Queen Ly. But it is said that Li Yuanba and Li Queen had a bad relationship in the past, and then Lao Yan broke up. Li Yuanxiong knew Empress Li, and he had been following Empress Li's ass and calling her sister-in-law for many years. Now Queen Li is imprisoned in the palace. Li Yuanxiong had just drank wine with several princes and Marquis. Empress Li sent a distressed message through someone else's mouth. Li Yuanxiong, out of nostalgia, softened her heart for a while and went to see Zhang Ning. Seeing this, Truong Ninh understood the cause and effect, took a breath, blew out three words on the ground, smiled and said: "I didn't help you before, I won't help you today either." "I understand It's gone. " Li Yuanxiong sighed and nodded. Now, Queen Mother Ly has lost her power, the little emperor is just a puppet, the power in the court is controlled by Ba Vuong Marquis Duong Hanh. Queen Ly was kept quiet in the palace, not only was there someone by her side sent by Duong Hung, but the little emperor was also difficult to see. But under such circumstances, Queen Ly can still broadcast news. It's really possible. It's just that the information obtained is desperate. There is no one in the world who can help her except Wuming. no one. In the palace, on the phoenix bed. Although the palace was magnificent, to her it was like a prison. No matter how magnificent the prison cell is, what good is it? Empress Li wore plain clothes, just like that day. But the description is haggard, no longer gorgeous, only desperate. Queen Ly remembered all the past events and couldn't help but feel regretful. What she regrets is that she actually did many wrong things in her life. The first thing was to abolish Ly Nguyen Ba, marry the first emperor, and become empress. If he knew Truong Ninh was so powerful, even if he instigated Ly Nguyen Ba to usurp the throne, he would still become queen. If Li Yuanba wants to usurp the throne, can Zhang Ning help? The second thing is to disobey Truong Ninh and plot to kill Truong Ba Cong. Zhang Baigong's death cut her life short. In other words, she was just a pawn in it. The person who planned to kill Zhang Baigong that day had many powers, and she was just one of them, and there were deeper people lurking in there. For example, Jin Changhen, the commander of Jinyiwei who gave Zhang Baigong a legendary knife, later learned from Queen Li that he belonged to Bowang Hou Yangxing. In addition, there are many masters of unknown origin. “I thought I was a chess player, but I was just a chess piece.” Queen Ly laughed in despair, then pulled out her belt and hanged herself. That night, the Queen Mother died.

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    The unruly people outside the winery seem to be warning that the ancient well has a guardian, but not many people know who it is. Later, although there were many curious people in the world, they did not dare to take the risk to find out the truth.

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    Where did the Tang dynasty send miscellaneous Confucianism?

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    Ha ha ha ha! Although I also ate human flesh, it was a long time ago. Your taste is really not very good. Who wants to eat you? In the darkness, a devious laugh rang out. This laughter seems to be intentional, because normal people would never have such an insidious and scary voice. This sound spread everywhere, from all directions, making everyone not know where the other person's true body was. So poignant yet chilling down the spine. At this time, Bai Shujing and the woman in red came out of the cave, stood next to everyone and looked around. But the Jade Faced Fox King is after all a large monster of the Nguyen Anh level, his methods are not ordinary, all the gold cores here cannot find his true body. Only the words of the jade-faced fox king calmed those present. The person who collapsed and screamed was a handsome young man from Tsing Yi named Liu Chengxian. Liu Chengxian followed the path of battle, holding a ring-tipped broadsword with precious light flying into the sky, the real energy in his body was surging, it seemed as vast as mountains and rivers, truly amazing. His body had probably been tempered to an extremely strong level. Overall, he is a very tyrannical Jindan. But it seems that his basic cultivation of character is not very good, so he is the first to collapse. When Liu Chengxian heard these words, he was stunned, calmed down a bit and shouted to the sky: "If you don't intend to eat us, why have you chased us until now?" Among them, I How can I make you surrender? Thanks to you, you think I want to lead you to a certain existence that eats blood.” The jade fox king's voice was still cunning, but it was a bit funny. It seemed like the golden core group was in a desperate situation, and they were thinking wildly. Everyone here's face is slightly different. It turns out there is a terrifying existence in front of them, either because of injury, or because of other reasons that require blood, waiting to eat us? "You want us to surrender to you, what do you want us to do?" The man in black said. This man dressed in black is very gloomy, his name is Hoac Son Minh, he is a person in the realm of Kim Dan, knowledgeable about magic and supernatural powers. He used several methods to trace the whereabouts of the jade-faced fox king, but found nothing. "Ha ha ha. I. I intend to go to Lac Sat Hai to do something, but my identity is too special, too eye-catching, anyway I'm not a good person, my reputation is not good, I need some face new, such as said, you can do everything for me." The jade-faced fox king continued to laugh. Everyone looked at each other and believed a little. But the jade-faced fox king is notorious, extremely cunning, good at sneak attacks, and has deceived many people since his debut. The second is stealing incense and pearls, especially adultery with other people's wives. The jade-faced fox king is known as the jade-faced jade plant. It is naturally a rare wind-catching jade plant in the world and is skilled in the art of seduction. This woman who waited for leisure and concentration was really no match for him. Often immersed in masculinity and unable to escape. Although this jade-faced fox king was very powerful, he was notorious in the world of Fengyue, with few friends and many enemies. And Rakshahai is where ghosts, monsters, and gods come and go, and many of them are powerful Newborn Souls. If the jade-faced fox king recklessly entered the Rakshasa sea, he could die horribly. "Why didn't the Lake King speak up sooner? We originally came from ordinary cultivators, and we have done a lot of things with money. Just tell us what the Lake King wants us to do." with a Said in a very collaborative tone. The big knife is at your neck, can you not cooperate? "I really trust you to use money to make things famous, but I want to do something too important, I can't completely trust you, this really makes me embarrassed." The jade fox king's voice was filled with confusion and hesitation. Hoac Son Minh, Liu Thua Tien and others tightened their expressions, but they were all tortured by this jade-faced fox king, their nerves were tense and unable to relax. "Do it like that, I trust you so easily. Plant my Blood Soul Dafa! How about it? Then I can completely trust you." The jade-faced fox king continued to laugh, his voice filled with charm and said: "When everything is over, I will take back the Blood Soul Dafa." Hoac Son Minh, Liu Thua Tien and others' faces changed dramatically. In a world where Taoism, supernatural powers and Buddhism are everywhere, there are many ways to completely control a person. Blood Soul Dafa is one of them, a drop of blood uses an extremely complicated method to cast a spell, merging into the soul of the controlled person. At that time, people who are controlled by Blood Soul Dafa will not be able to help themselves. Even if they want to explode their own golden core, it is impossible, they are true slaves. "This is absolutely impossible!!" Everyone's faces became ugly again, including one Golden Dan Tan Tu Tu, decisively blurted out. "If you don't convince me, what do you plan to do? Will the eight small golden pills combine to fight me?" The jade-faced fox king was not angry, but continued to laugh. Traitor, traitor. People are being questioned again, yes. Right now there are only two ways, one is to surrender, the other is to be killed, there is no third way. Against the jade-faced fox king? What a joke, if they could do this, they wouldn't be so embarrassed. "Ha ha ha, I'll give you an hour to think, do you want me to plant Blood Soul Dafa, or will I strangle you to death? Don't think that I value you very much, in fact I don't have as much as you need. Then work for me, only four people, at most five people is enough, how about this, let me add one more rule, the first five people to submit to me can cultivate Blood Soul Dafa, I promise to help Take care of my business, then let you go free, the remaining three only need to kill one." The jade-faced fox king continued to laugh, his tone very relaxed as he spoke out the terrifying rule. There are only two paths, surrender and be planted with Blood Soul Dafa, or be killed if you do not surrender. Review time is one hour. Additional rules are that he only needs five people, and the remaining three will not be wiped out on the spot. Obviously, this is a child who does not consider Zhang Ning and Niu Er as two spiritual robes. All the golden pills were solemn, but Niu Er burst out laughing and said clearly: "Surrender five, kill three. The owner of my emotions is not human." Jindan people didn't have time to pay attention to Niu Er, Zhang Ning patted Niu Er's head, telling this smart little ghost to stop making trouble. "Yuansheng. Establish a silent formation." Huo Shanming said to Taoist Jindan, who was in charge of setting up the formation. "Okay." Vien Thang Sinh nodded and casually arranged a magic circle that could isolate the sound. Besides Niu Er, even Zhang Ning followed and sat cross-legged in the cave. “What should we do now?” Luu Thua Hien, who collapsed first, was also the first to speak, his face extremely unsightly. And everyone's eyes focused on Hoac Son Minh, in which Huo Son Minh was the most alert person. Huo Son Minh smiled bitterly and said: "I don't know what to do either." Pausing for a moment, Hoac Son Minh inevitably revealed a bit of despair, saying: "Even in the golden age, we are not opponents of the jade-faced fox Vuong. What's more, we are Now we are all injured, Miss Bach is also seriously injured, we should not be able to fight, now we only have two options, the jade-faced fox king uses blood soul magic, killing him. Or he was killed by a jade-faced fox and became his blood." Just now, the jade-faced fox said that he had not eaten human flesh for many years, and he also did not like eating human flesh. But obviously Hoac Thien Minh doesn't really believe this statement. "Even if I am killed or eaten, I do not want to be planted in the Blood Soul Dafa and controlled by the Jade-faced Fox King." The woman in red is very determined. Her last name is Guan Shuang, her name is Feiyan, and she is a swordsman. Bai Shujing, Guan Feiyan, Yuan Zaisheng, Huo Shanming, Liu Chengxian, the wild monk named Kong Wuwu, and the remaining two were Jin Yuanneng and Wu Jinxiu. Eight golden medicinal pills, frowned and said. Zhang Ning, who was left alone, pondered. "That's right, even if I get eaten, I don't want to be planted by the Blood Soul method and controlled by the Jade-faced Fox King." Bach Thu Kinh also said firmly. This banshee, who has more compassion than humans, would never accept this condition. “Me too.” Huo Thien Minh nodded. Three of them expressed their opinions, and Liu Chengxian breathed a sigh of relief among the remaining five. He said: "The jade-faced fox king said it only needed five people. Since you have expressed your opinion, that's good. I have decided to accept the blood soul method." I have worked hard to get to where I am today. Cultivating for hundreds of years will never return to ashes. Furthermore, even Dafa Blood Soul is not impossible to release. It's better to live than die. " Hearing Liu Chengxian speak, the rest of the soul was reborn, empty, Jin Yuanneng and Wu Jinxiu both had expressions on their faces, quite emotional. This is what Liu Chengxian wanted to see, because the five people discussed Discussing together is much better than one person. They can help Yumian Fox King while trying to find a way to unravel Blood Soul Dafa. Although Blood Soul Dafa is extremely difficult, it is not without precedent. . Everything seems to have ended here. Bai Shujing, Guan Feiyan and Huo Shanming accepted the path of being killed, while the remaining five planned to accept the path of the blood soul method. As said, when Adversity is about to happen, one should act according to one's own will. Some are strong, some are weak. As for Zhang Ning, no one asked his opinion. But Truong Ninh also did not sit still, smiling and saying: "Don't be so quick to express your opinion, I guess that the Jade Fox King is either injured, or he is not the Jade Lake King himself." From his disposition, to the end, judging by his tone of him, he uses terror and despair to mess you up, then separates you, I think he's either seriously injured, it's very difficult to deal with you. I don't want to give up on you, because you are full of blood and cultivation, golden pills, relics, all are top-grade blood, he swallows them and can heal your wounds." These words, outsiders Everyone knows the end. Truong Ninh is calm and not in a hurry, not afraid of the jade fox king at all, but he also sadly cannot find the other person's true body, otherwise there are many ways to kill the other person. Like Azure Dragon King , his soul and body were separated and became Zhang Ning's property. This is also Zhang Ning's only weakness. As long as he does not appear in front of Zhang Ning's death, he will not die. One The words woke up the person in the dream. Truong Ninh's words seemed to hit the head of many people who woke up. "That's right. Even though the jade-faced fox king once encountered Miss Bach and was seriously injured, and then chased and killed us, he still couldn't kill us. escape. Gather together. I didn't really try to fight back, I just desperately ran away. How about you? " Hoac Son Minh's eyes flashed and he looked around at everyone. "Me neither. I just focused on running away. I have never fought with the jade fox-faced king." time was just running away and fighting. Then, the jade-faced fox-faced king forced them to flee, forced them into fear and despair, despair appeared, talk about many things, what should be done, what blood soul tricks, what rules, everything is a threat, everything is a means of division. The opponent is the jade-faced fox king, famous for being cunning . He is truly a master in controlling people's hearts. Self-destruction, self-destruction. "For a while, none of us should move. Let the jade-faced fox king attack." Huoshan Ming said boldly after finding the joints. A golden pill is just a golden pill, many years of cultivation, many years of fighting. Even Liu Chengxian, who was the first to collapse, agreed with Huo Shanming's plan. Only 100% despair will make them sink. On the contrary, even if they have 20% to 30% hope, they absolutely will not want to be planted by Blood Soul Dafa. What's more, the jade fox king's face could really be injured. However, Zhang Ning wanted to learn about this jade-faced fox king. This jade-faced fox king was not a good beard at all, but an evil monster. Zhang Ning did not like this big monster. Furthermore, Zhang Ning also slandered others. The old Dragon King had said that the Azure Dragon King's complete dragon body and demon soul were very valuable. So this jade-faced fox king shouldn't be cheap. Xiuxiu said that she needs to be diligent and thrifty in managing the house. Walking the Road to Life with so many people in my family was very stressful. So Zhang Ning turned to Bai Shujing and said: "Miss Bai, do you believe me?" Bai Shujing glanced at Zhang Ning, nodded with a smile, "Of course I believe." Mianhu King is ready to plant this so-called Blood Soul Dafa, I have a way to deal with Ngoc Mien Ho King." Truong Ninh stood up and said. "Okay." After all, they were comrades fighting side by side, Bai Shu Jing stood up with Truong Ninh without hesitation. "Sister Bai, sister." Guan Feiyan stood up and shouted as the remaining Golden Cores turned pale from shocked. “Don't worry.” Bach Thu Kinh reassured Quan Phi Yen and walked out of the cave with Truong Ninh. "It's crazy, really crazy. Even if the Jade-faced Fox King was really injured, as soon as he met him, he would hurt Miss Bach. Right now Miss Bach is seriously injured. As for this kid, although he is a bit mysterious, he also There is a way to deal with the jade-faced fox king, but I won't believe it even if I am killed." Liu Chengxian looked unbelievable, and said that the two were crazy. Guan Feiyan bitten bitten. red lips, the remaining people looked at each other, although they did not speak, they all felt that Truong Ninh was crazy.

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    Vuong Thach's face changed slightly, his mind stirred, and he suddenly looked behind the four of them.